Build a business you can step up with or away from. When you choose.

Grow your accounting practice into a business that can thrive at scale without you.
Repeat for your small business clients.

  • Step Up

    There’s never been a better time to grow your accountancy practice, or to build an accounting practice from scratch.

    Tech promises to streamline the mundane.   Baby-boomer accountants are looking to sell up and retire.  You know the accountancy game is changing, and you’re in it to win it.

    Until now, two things have held you back:

    • the small businesses you know you can help don’t seem to want what you can offer
    • you don’t know that you can trust your people to be able to deliver without your supervision, or intervention

    COVID-19 has changed that:

    • Small businesses have realised that when times are tough, you are the one they can turn to for help, advice and support.
    • A rapid transition to working from home has given you no choice but to trust that your people can deliver, even when you can’t see them working.

    Now’s the time to build on it

    A scramble to automation and remote working got you through this crisis.

    Now its time to re-design and re-build your business on purpose, using what you’ve learned about tech, your team and your clients to create a resilient business that can thrive at scale.

    That means using technology and automation to free up the people in your business to serve your advisory clients the way you would yourself.   With analysis, insight and practical help to run their businesses.

    It means thinking differently about what you really do for your clients; about how you share the work,  about how and where ‘management’ happens.

    It means building your business as a system for making and keeping promises.

    What does every human being want?

    • Agency – to make a ‘me-shaped’ dent in the universe
    • Mastery – to learn new skills
    • Autonomy – to be free to choose how I make my dent
    • Purpose – to do this for something bigger than myself.
    • Community – to do all this with a like-minded gang of ‘people like us’.

    Most small businesses are started by people who are looking for these things.

    They are driven by doing a good job for their clients, by doing things their way.   They care about looking after their staff and suppliers and they want to make enough for themselves and their family to have a good life.   And perhaps to have something to leave behind when they’re gone.

    Isn’t that what you want too?

    ‘Profit and loss’; ‘Balance sheet’; ‘Working Capital’, ‘Assets’.

    That’s the language of investors, the language of money, the language of the highest return for the least possible spend – the language of the corporates the vast majority of small business owners have escaped from.

    Making and keeping promises is something all customer-focused businesses can relate to.

    Framing how a business works in these terms lets you, your team and your clients talk the same language, and focus improvements on how things get done.

    By building your business into a system for making and keeping promises efficiently and effectively, you and your team will be able to do more of the things you care about.

    The side-effect will be that you’ll become more profitable, for less effort.

    You’ll have a better business, that can run without you.

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  • Step Away

    Sell for more

    A business that can thrive without you is valuable.

    A business built as a system for making and keeping promises is more valuable, because it can be scaled up even further, through replication or organic growth.

    When that system is visible, institutionalising your original vision and values; simply documented and lived day-to-day, that value is defensible.

    Step away when you choose.

    It also means you can step away when you choose.  There’s no need to be tied in as a consultant, when the business runs without you anyway.

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      Julie Angell | Owner,Blue Rocket Accounting
      Julie AngellOwnerBlue Rocket Accounting
  • Repeat for the people you serve

    Once you know how to do this for your own business, you can help your clients do the same – grow a business they can step up with or away from whenever they choose.

    They’ll thank you for it.

    They’ll pay you for it.

    They’ll stay with you for it.