The future of small business accountancy is customer-focused.

  • Tech is eating into the accountancy industry, starting with compliance.

    Soon, many business owners will be asking “Why do I need an accountant?”.

    The accountancy industry will split, into those offering cheap compliance-only solutions from a low cost-base, and those who offer more.

    Initially the automaters and outsourcers will look like winning, but those who offer more, who go way beyond compliance, with proactive advice, insight and practical help that makes their clients thrive and prosper will be the real winners in the long term, because they will build a community of businesses around them who trust their accountants and will tell their friends.

    The real losers will be those who do nothing.

  • You're a customer-focused, entrepreneurial, pioneering accountant.

    You’re putting your heart and soul into building a successful, profitable and entrepreneurial accountancy business that does things differently.

    You want to be on the long-term winning side, but two things are holding you back:

    1. the small businesses you know that you can help don’t seem to want what you can offer
    2. you don’t know that you can trust your people to be able to deliver without your supervision, or intervention
  • What if there was another way to win?

    What if there was a way of talking about business that resonated with the majority of small businesses who are your clients?

    What if you could streamline your compliance work so that you not only retain the ‘cheap’ clients, but are actually able to offer them insight they don’t already know?

    What if you could use technology, automation and systemisation to free up the people in your business to serve your advisory clients the way you would yourself?   With analysis, insight and practical help to run their businesses?

    What if you could turn your accountancy business into an autonomous enterprise, that can work without you, but always embodies your vision and values?

    What if you could then help your clients do the same for themselves?

  • Stop chasing the 'ambitious' businesses everyone is after - learn how to help the 'lifestylers' thrive

    What does every human being want?

    • Agency – to make a ‘me-shaped’ dent in the universe
    • Mastery – to learn new skills
    • Autonomy – to be free to choose how I make my dent
    • Purpose – to do this for something bigger than myself.
    • Community – to do all this with a like-minded gang of ‘people like us’.

    Most small businesses are started by people who are looking for these things.

    They are driven by doing a good job for their clients, by doing things their way.   They care about looking after their staff and suppliers and they want to make enough for themselves and their family to have a good life.   And perhaps to have something to leave behind when they’re gone.

    Isn’t that what you want too?

    So the reason they don’t seem to want what you offer, is not that you can’t help them, its that you’re speaking the wrong language.

    ‘Profit and loss’; ‘Balance sheet’; ‘Working Capital’, ‘Assets’.

    That’s the language of investors, the language of money, the language of the highest return for the least possible spend – the language of the corporates the vast majority of small business owners have escaped from.

  • Better comes before bigger

    Making and keeping promises is something all customer-focused businesses can relate to.

    Framing how a business works in these terms lets you and your clients talk the same language, and focus improvements on how things get done, not just financial results.

    By helping them to build their business into a system for making and keeping promises efficiently and effectively, you’ll help them to do more of the things they care about.

    The side-effect will be that they’ll become more profitable.  They’ll have a better business.

    Once they have a better business, some of them will want to make it bigger, now they can see how to do it without killing themselves, their businesses or their values in the process.

    And they’ll want to do that with you.

  • It starts with you

    Build your own practice into an Autonomous Enterprise.

    Work with us to find strengths you didn’t know you had.   Strengths you didn’t know your team had.

    Discover ways to re-engineer what you’re doing every day to save time and money.    Free your people to serve your clients the way they are eager to do.  Become a powerhouse of value for your clients.

    Get better.   Become more profitable.

    Build your accountancy business into an autonomous enterprise, that works without you, but is driven by your vision and values.   A business you can choose to step up with, and step away from when you want to.

    Then get bigger.

  • No need to be alone

    You can be part of a small but growing band of proactive, customer-focused accountants building their practices into Autonomous Enterprises, and by doing that, learning how to do the same for their clients.

    You’ll get together regularly, on line and in person.   You’ll be part of a community that learns together, improves together and grows together.

    Our mission at Gibbs & Partners is to give you the frameworks, tools and support you need to grow your own business and those of your clients into autonomous enterprises that thrive.