Build a business you can step up with or away from. When you choose.

Grow your accounting practice into a business that can thrive at scale without you.
Repeat for your small business clients.

    • Well, it's probably safe to say if it wasn't for Kirsten and what she has done for us at Blue Rocket, we wouldn't be where we are today!

      Miguel Calabrese

      Miguel Calabrese | Manager and new owner,Blue Rocket Accounting
      Miguel CalabreseManager and new ownerBlue Rocket Accounting
    • With Kirsten's support, I have laid the best foundations possible for the future growth of Dogknows Limited.

      Bobs Broadbent

      Bobs Broadbent | Founder,DogKnows
      Bobs BroadbentFounderDogKnows
    • the best thing I've done in a long time

      Julie Angell

      Julie Angell | Owner,Blue Rocket Accounting
      Julie AngellOwnerBlue Rocket Accounting