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Meet Kirsten Gibbs

  • Hello!

    I'm Kirsten Gibbs, the Gibbs in Gibbs & Partners.

    The Partners are the brilliant people I work with – as clients, suppliers and associates.

    I love people, and I love process.  I love working out how things work and seeing if I can make them work better.  And I love bringing these things together to help amazing small businesses get just a bit bigger.   Because almost every small business I've met has something unique, interesting and valuable to offer, and deserves to be bigger and better.

    I've been interested in process - how things work - and making process work better for ordinary business people like me for over 25 years.   I care about using automation and technology to free humans to be human, because when you do that humans are amazing.

    I'm learning all the time - especially from the unique and wonderful businesses and people I work with, and I try to share that learning with anyone who needs it.

  • How I got here

    I wanted to be an interpreter when I was young, and studied Spanish at the University of Manchester.  I've been fascinated ever with communications.  In particular how to communicate with people who may not 'speak your language' without losing vital information in translation.

    I made the switch to computing a few years later, after trying my hand at researching, assembling technical manuals and looking for multi-lingual magazine work in Brussels.

    I've been a programmer, a database designer, a business analyst, and a lecturer, following my MSc in Theoretical Foundations of Software Engineering.    I'm a Sloan Fellow of London Business School, and a fellow of the RSA.

    I've also been a chambermaid, cleaned labs, marked exam papers and made and sold clothes.   I've painted a mural in Moss Side Library, run a quilt group and even learned a bit of ballet in my 20's.

    For a good flavour of who I am, how I think and what I believe in, check me out on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

    If you’d like to find out more, get in touch and we can meet up for coffee.

    How I got here