About Us

  • Hello, I’m Kirsten, the Gibbs in Gibbs & Partners.  The Partners are the brilliant people I work with – as clients, suppliers and associates.

    I wanted to be an interpreter when I was young, and studied Spanish at the University of Manchester.

    I made the switch to computing a few years later, after trying my hand at researching, technical manuals and looking for multi-lingual work in Brussels.

    I’ve been a programmer, a database designer a business analyst, and a lecturer, following my MSc in Theoretical Foundations of Software Engineering.

    I’m a Sloan Fellow of London Business School, and a fellow of the RSA.

    I’ve been interested in process – how things work – and making process work better for ordinary business people like me for over 25 years.   I care about using automation and technology to free humans to be human.

    I’m learning all the time – especially from the amazing businesses and people I work with, and I try to share that learning with anyone who needs it.

    For a good flavour of who I am, how I think and what I believe in, check me out on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

    If you’d like to find out more, get in touch and we can meet up for coffee.