Traps for the unwary

Posted by Kirsten Gibbs on October 29, 2018
  • Today I had to pay £14.95 to get out of a car park (on top my parking).

    Because the user interface had been (deliberately?) designed to let me forget to take my token back.

    The payment console had very visibly prompted me to insert my parking token with an eye-catching animated graphic, but there was no eye-catching graphic to prompt me to take it back again. I didn’t realise my mistake until I reached the exit barrier.

    Up to that point I’d had a good morning, spending my money in a local museum coffee shop, a couple of clothes stores and a bookshop.

    “There is a sign on the machine.”, aaid the man on the other end of the intercom.

    “But I was looking at the screen.”, I replied. “And I’ve never parked here before.”

    “That’s just how it is I’m afraid. I’ll send a transaction to the machine for you to pay the fine. It will issue you with a replacement token”

    Yes, it was that easy for them to let me have another token to exit the car park.

    Oh well. I won’t do it again.

    Because I’m never shopping in Maidstone again.

    What traps are you laying for unwary customers?

    Intentional or not, they’ll lose you business.

    image: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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