By their fruits...

Posted by Kirsten Gibbs on November 12, 2018
  • You can probably complete that sentence.

    For me, it means that it isn’t the badge you wear that tells people what you stand for, it’s what you do and how you behave. The badge is just our shortcut for knowing what to expect.

    Of course, over time, the badge becomes a proxy for the behaviour, and if you’re cynical you can exploit this fact.

    So yesterday, our towns were festooned with poppies, and our TV schedules rammed with Remembrance, while actual ex-servicemen are homeless, in prison or committing suicide, and many who lost their lives, parents, or childhoods in the last war are seeing the social contract they fought to bring about being dismantled before their very eyes.

    Yes, you can get away with just wearing the badge, but eventually, the doing will out.

    That’s true for businesses too.

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