What if...

Posted by Kirsten Gibbs on January 4, 2019
  • You’ve put your heart and soul into building a remarkable business that does things differently.

    Now you’re ready to scale.

    But the last thing you want is to sell out to the same-old, same-old, corporate route to growth.

    What if there were a new and different way to think about organising and growing your business, that takes the best bits of being small – your customer-focus, your agility, your meaningfulness – and scales the business around these properties, instead of suppressing them in favour of a traditional corporate approach?

    What if you could structure your entire business around your own unique way of making and keeping your promise to customers?

    What if your business had no management hierarchy, no silos, no ‘overhead’, only people enabled and empowered to share and keep your promise to your customer and to continuously improve how that works?

    What if everyone in your business had roles that describe how they contribute to the customer experience, not where they fit into the hierarchy or the machine?

    What if people were supported by technology to be more human, not straitjacketed into being less?

    What if your business didn’t need you, because it is a living system, that not only works without you, but evolves without you to find new ways of delivering the promise it embodies?

    It’s all possible.

    You built a remarkable business, you can grow it remarkably too.

    If you dare.

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