Posted by Kirsten Gibbs on June 18, 2019
  • Most modern businesses, large and small, involve interactions of some kind – with other employees, customers, and suppliers.

    These interactions require emotional labour – listening; empathising, being present to the other person as well as intellectual labour – pattern-matching, imagining potential scenarios, reviewing possible solutions etc..

    Without a process interactions become harder than they need to be, because every interaction is treated as unique, where in fact they fall into common patterns, with unique features.

    Process captures what has to happen in the common patterns, giving your people a framework to work from that doesn’t need much thinking about.

    Process frees up intellectual and emotional energy to be spent on the unique and personal aspects of regular interactions, and on the exceptions that either prove the rule, or highlight the start of a new pattern.

    With their heads cleared of the routine, your good people can use their hearts to exceed your promises.

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