Measuring doughnuts

Posted by Kirsten Gibbs
Last updated 1st October 2020
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  • In an earlier post, I asked why it's deemed important to report on the FTSE 100 index at every news on the radio, and what relevance that index has for most ordinary people.

    There are alternative things to measure, that matter more to most people, and I think Kate Raworth's doughnut pretty much captures them all.

    What if instead of the FTSE, we had a daily snapshot of our impact as a nation on overshooting the ecological ceiling, or undershooting the social foundation?   What if we could see every day how well we are doing at keeping within "the safe and just space for humanity".

    Like the FTSE and other indices, this snapshot would be made up of data from millions of enterprises large and small across the country, and that means that each enterprise would need to measure it's own impact too.

    That's completely doable, if we set our mind to it, with the help and support of our accountants.

    Why wait?  Let's start now.

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