Magical thinking

Posted by Kirsten Gibbs
Last updated 22nd September 2022
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  • This book, 'Alchemy' was recommended to me by the talented Andrea Horgan, (along with 'Evolutionary Ideas') so of course I had to interrupt my current reading for it.


    It's a useful and entertaining read, and so far I'd sum up the findings thus:

    • Businesses that put their clients first do well.
    • Businesses that think about their clients as human beings rather than economical or mathematical abstractions, and then put them first, do exceptionally well.


    I'd add:

    • Businesses that build that thinking into everything they do, do exceptionally well for a very long time.  Even after the founder is long gone.


    It's not magic, it's simply focusing on the human.  But not many people do that.

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