Posted by Kirsten Gibbs
Last updated 14th September 2022
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  • Over recent months we've seen some extraordinary behaviour from big institutions.   Employers knowingly break the law.   Airlines and holiday companies sell flights they know they can't deliver.   Energy retailers bill small business customers amounts they know are impossible to pay.   Policemen murder women.  Or shoot first and ask questions later.  A holiday park is prepared to evict its guests to observe a bank holiday.  Politicians no longer pretend to tell the truth or even talk sense.   Journalists publish easily verifiable lies to create false outrage.

    Thankfully, ordinary people are not like this.  Ordinary people rush to help when someone collapses in the street, or asks for help on Twitter.  Ordinary people go out of their way to keep a promise they've made.   Ordinary business owners agonise over having to lose people.  Ordinary business owners pay their suppliers on time and almost always over-deliver for their customers.

    That's because ordinary people operate in what you could call the 'natural economy'.   We know the world doesn't run on money, but on the promises we make to each other.  We know that even money is really just a promise.

    Let's celebrate and cherish the ordinary.  That's where a better future lies.

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