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Posted by Kirsten Gibbs
Last updated 4th October 2022
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  • Decades ago, my older brothers were given the job of breaking up concrete in the back garden so my dad could lay a new patio.

    They did a morning's work, had lunch and started again in the afternoon.   After an hour or so, my mum thought "They've been at it a while, I better see if they need a cup of tea."

    Then walked into the breakfast room to find nothing but a cassette player running.

    They'd carefully recorded themselves in the morning so they could bunk off in the afternoon.


    Corporate Rebels shared a Bloomberg article today:

    "More than two years after remote work and hybrid jobs became widespread, there’s still a stark divide over how it’s going: About 85% of managers worry they can’t tell if employees are getting enough done, while 87% of workers say their productivity is just fine."

    With this admonition from Microsoft: "Don’t Spy on Employees to Ensure They’re Working,"

    This is the 21st century for goodness sake.

    Have we not learned to measure results rather than "activity"?

    I can't help thinking it's management that needs an overhaul.



    Hint: If you're a micro-business employer I can help you with that.

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