The sound of the sea

Posted by Kirsten Gibbs
Last updated 19th October 2022
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  • I'm back.  After 5 days of walking, 4 days of talking, and 2 days of chilling and walking.  In places where the lanes are narrow, the sea is everywhere and it's often impossible to get a signal.   A short holiday in a remote location, followed by a conference in an even more remote location.

    What have I learned?

    That gathering 'the news' intermittently via intermittent access to twitter is good enough.

    That gathering people together to share how they're changing a system far bigger than themselves is amazing.  When everyone realises they are actually doing it, the changes just get bigger.  And more people join in.

    That the sound of the sea is a good thing to fall asleep to.

    It's great to be back.

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