Two tools in one

Posted by Kirsten Gibbs
Last updated 6th February 2023
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  • A musical score is a multi-use tool.   For the composer, its a tool for thinking, for designing.   The score gives concrete shape to the music that's playing in their head. And once concrete, it can be more easily modified and improved, until it fully reflects their intentions.

    From then on, the score also becomes a different kind of tool.  A tool for communicating that vision to the players who will be responsible for delivering it.   A tool that tells them what the performance must convery, without telling them how to do it.    Because as experienced artists, they know that already.

    A score can switch between these two uses as many times as it needs to.

    A Customer Experience Score works the same way.   It's a design tool for the business owner, a communications tool for their team.    And like a musical score it can switch between these uses whenever it needs to.

    Perhaps even after its composer has disappeared, if the players feel strongly enough about the original vision.

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