Change the Game: Share the Work

building a business that works better for everyone (especially you)

Text by Kirsten GIbbs, layout and illustrations by Rob Key.

  • For you, business is personal.

    You’ve built your successful business by making promises and keeping them.

    Your challenge now is how to keep it personal as you grow, without killing yourself or your success in the process.

    The solution is to turn your business into a system.   Not a machine.   A system.

    A system run by and for people.   A system for keeping things personal.   A system for making and keeping promises that’s run by all the people in your business, as if they were you, the founder.

    But to do this, you need to change the game, and think differently about how you share the work.

    Pocket-sized, graphical and easy to dip in and out of, I wrote this book to help business owners like you to think about how that might happen.

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    • "Fabulous little book. Full of extremely useful bites of knowledge."

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      JEC | ,
    • "Short and packed with business wisdom"

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      Dave Stitt | Author and executive team coach in the construction industry,DSA Building Performance
      Dave StittAuthor and executive team coach in the construction industryDSA Building Performance
    • "concise prompts to get you to stop, pause and think about your own business"

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      Anish Hindocha | Founder,Jigsaw Change Consulting
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    • "transform the way you look at your business"

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      Nigel Whittaker | Founder,PURE B2B Mastermind Board
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    • "mandatory reading for every business that has reached its first plateau"

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      Simon Ryan | Investment Director,Locate in Kent
      Simon RyanInvestment DirectorLocate in Kent
    • "Ideal to go back to again and again"

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      Tom Ahmad | Insolvency and Business Recovery expert,Bailey Ahmad Business Recovery
      Tom AhmadInsolvency and Business Recovery expertBailey Ahmad Business Recovery
  • You work the hardest, care the most and get paid last.  Sometimes it feels like you are working for your team rather than the other way around.  Sometimes you wish you could go back to when it was just you.

    You’re not alone, a BIS survey carried out in 2012 found that a quarter (26 per cent) of businesses with no employees in 2012 had (at some point since start-up) previously employed staff within that business. (BIS Research 2012)


    Because keeping your promise to clients through other people is hard, and most small business owners have never learned how to do it effectively – certainly not from the corporates they escaped from.

    If you want to build your business without killing yourself or your team in the process, you need to scale, rather than simply get bigger.

    Scaling means focusing everything that happens inside your business on making and keeping promises to clients or customers.  No more, no less.

    Scaling means making and delivering on those promises profitably, efficiently and repeatably.

    Scaling means doing all this through other people, letting the business personality shine through without stifling theirs.

    Scaling means thinking completely differently about how your business works.

    But when you get it right, you build a business you can step up with or step away from whenever you like.   And everyone can enjoy the process.

  • This book will help you to
    • See what's missing from the way we communicate in business
    • Think differently about what a business is
    • Think about process from a customer experience perspective
    • Understand how process can help your people take responsibility
    • Imagine how your business could become an Autonomous Enterprise
  • A sneak peek
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  • Read this book if
    • Turning 'corporate' is your nightmare
    • Nobody else seems to care about the customer the way you do
    • You're scared to grow as fast as you'd like in case everything breaks
    • You're sick of never having holidays, weekends or even evenings.
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