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  • Pioneer Accountants think Forward

    If you run an accountancy business, you’ll know there are big questions facing the profession.  You also know that these questions open up even bigger opportunities.

    The Pioneers is a group for forward-thinking accountants like you, of whatever size or age, who want to be the first to take advantage of those opportunities to scale their accountancy practice.

    The Pioneers is somewhere for you to think about the possibilities for the accounting profession and for your own businesses; somewhere for you to re-think and re-frame how you can best serve your clients.

    The Pioneers is somewhere you can work on your accounting practice not in it.

    Every month we’ll use the Autonomous Enterprise model to explore how you can define your Promise more clearly, package it more attractively, share it more effectively and keep it more sustainably.  All under Chatham House rules.

    You’ll also get to know like-minded accountants; find potential strategic partners; share war stories and think about the future of accountancy, and the future of your accountancy business.

    So you can start building your accountancy business into an Autonomous Practice.   A scaleable, sustainable and saleable accounting practice you can step up with or step away from, whenever you choose.

    A business is a system for making and keeping promises
    • The Pioneers is helping me shape the dent I would like to make in the universe.

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      Samuel Falana | Owner,Reign Supreme
      Samuel FalanaOwnerReign Supreme
    • Well, it's probably safe to say if it wasn't for Kirsten and what she has done for us at Blue Rocket, we wouldn't be where we are today!

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      Miguel Calabrese | Manager and new owner,Blue Rocket Accounting
      Miguel CalabreseManager and new ownerBlue Rocket Accounting
    • the best thing I've done in a long time

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      Julie Angell | Owner,Blue Rocket Accounting
      Julie AngellOwnerBlue Rocket Accounting
  • We meet virtually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month

    We meet via Zoom to share ideas, learn and support each other every month.

    As soon as we are able we will also meet physically over lunch once every quarter.

    Don’t miss out.   Request your invitation.

  • Try it free for two months

    If you like it, and you decide to join, membership will be £50 plus VAT per month, payable by direct debit, on a month by month basis.

  • What membership gives you
    • Regular meetings facilitated and chaired by me, to help you think about the future of your accountancy business and plan actions to move towards that future.
    • The opportunity to ask questions on issues around your acconting practice you may not feel able to share with anyone else.
    • Constructive advice from people in the same industry.
    • Practical ideas you can apply immediately to grow your accounting practice.
    • Homework that will move you forwards as you build your accounting practice into what you’d like it to be, and your own copy of the Pioneer Accountants Workbook to  hold everything you work on for future reference.
    • Access to a members-only forum to carry on what gets started over lunch.
    • Support between meetings from me and your fellow accountants.
    • The company of like-minded accountants you can get to know, like and trust, and collaborate with.
    • A Pioneer rate for the Autonomous Practice Group Programme launching in 2020.
    • It is possible that there will in time, be more than one physical group (e.g. in Kent as well as in London).   If that happens your membership will cover every group.
    • Access to networking events for Pioneers and carefully curated, like-minded people who can add value to your practice.
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