Barnaby Wynter [The Brand Bucket Company Ltd. ]

Kirsten is one of those rare breeds who simply 'get it'. She has a fantastic way of using her years in helping businesses replicate their processes to unearth where your business is strong and where it could be improved. But identifying these issues on its own is rarely of help to a business owner and Kirsten is able to take this a significant step further.

Her seemingly never-ending list of contacts provides a huge resource to enhance your business with fellow professionals who share that same desire to create something better and more profitable. Her guiding hand can accelerate great relationships backed by her endorsement.

The impact on my own business has been profound. A conversation with Kirsten and you'll know why.

Barnaby Wynter | Brand Speaker and Business Event Facilitator,The Brand Bucket Company Ltd.
Barnaby WynterBrand Speaker and Business Event FacilitatorThe Brand Bucket Company Ltd.