Jon Binks [Bink Financial]

The age-old conundrum for SME business owners, especially start-up and scaling businesses, is being able to work ON the business without having to continually work IN the business.

Add to that the uncertainty of “am I offering the right services to the right people” and you have an identity crisis to add to the constant mental juggling!

This is where Kirsten steps in and shines.

Two major transformations have occurred during the last three months of working with Kirsten…

1. We now understand our promise of value and we have begun our journey of knowing how to use it. It was always there, but it takes the skill of somebody like Kirsten to get to the heart of it and articulate it properly.

2. We have begun our journey of streamlining our tech and processes so that we can step away from the business without the age-old thought of “how will it cope without me”.

As a scaling business, this has allowed us to free ourselves from the ball and chain of being stuck and get back to doing what we love and loving what we do.

Thanks Kirsten, you provide hope and results!

Jon Binks | Owner,Bink Financial
Jon BinksOwnerBink Financial