But it doesn’t just happen.

The Autonomous Enterprise incorporates a supporting framework that empowers everyone in your business to take responsibility for creating the change you seek to make, and rewards them properly when they do.  This framwork acts like the score for a piece of music – telling musicians what to play and when, but leaving them free to use all their skill, expertise and experience in the interpretation.

It embraces automation and technology to make everyone’s lives easier, to free up the people in your business to be fully human, fully present and fully sensitive to the other humans that are your customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

It grows into a dynamic ecosystem that naturally evolves to meet the changing needs of your market.

It builds into a business asset that no longer needs you, but is still recognisably your creation.  An asset that can be replicated, expanded, passed on to your family or your staff, or sold for its true value.

With an Autonomous Enterprise, you free your team to be more themselves, you free your business to reach its full potential, and you free yourself to step back or step away from your business.

Or to step up with it.