How does your business grow?

Left to its own devices, a garden will soon run wild. Grass gets rampant. Weeds self seed everywhere and only the most thuggish of plants and shrubs flourish, crowding out the carefully chosen specimens you originally planted.

Like a garden, your business needs maintenance to thrive and there are four ways of approaching it.

The first option is neglect. You could just walk away, leave it to do its own thing, and forget about it.

The second option is to strip everything back to the absolute basics. A lawn. A deck. Three fences. It’s low maintenance, but it’s pretty uninspiring.

The third option is what I call military bedding. Tender and half hardy annuals are carefully nurtured, pricked out, and laid out in serried ranks, never allowed to pop up where they’re not supposed to be and ruthlessly shed at the end of every year for a new set of plants.  In a business, this often equates to micromanagement. And that, in turn, leads to high staff turn over. It’s high maintenance and high cost.

The last, but most rewarding option – for plants, gardeners, visitors, and businesses – is to embrace an underlying structure and take the time and effort to put it in place.

That means defining boundaries within which your people can do their thing naturally and exuberantly.

It means creating places for climbers and ramblers to grow up and around, setting direction but not restricting growth.   It means stretching and supporting people to be more productive and then letting them find their own way.

This kind of business naturally evolves. It allows for serendipity, sports, and happy mistakes.   Because it has such a strong core structure, it can accommodate wholesale changes and still look like it was always meant to be.

With the right hard landscaping in place, everyone can enjoy your business garden more.

Getting started is easy. It looks like this.

If this is something you’d like to explore, then let’s meet for coffee. You can tell me how you’d like your business to grow.

Not like that.

Or that.

And definitely not like that.