Meet Kirsten

I quite like pottery, jewelry making, quilting, woodwork.   I’ve done woodwork as well.  I made a table which is currently in pieces under my bed.

When I was small, I wanted to be an interpreter.   So, I was fascinated by languages, and eventually ended up in computing.   People used to ask me all the time why on earth do you want to do computing when you’ve got a degree in Spanish?

The answer is it’s all just translating.   It’s all just taking one language and turning it into another.    That’s all part of what I’m about, I like translating things from one language to another.

I also like working out how things work.   All the businesses that I work with are absolutely amazing, but they don’t know how amazing they are because they never think about it.   They just do it.   They just developed this way of working with clients, of doing what they do, that some of their clients really, really love.

But, they don’t know why they love them.   It’s all very implicit and internalized.   What I’m doing is saying drag this out of yourself and get it explicit.   Get it written down somehow.   Get it obvious.   Because then, you could start talking about it, but also everybody knows what they have to do.

It’s a collaborative process, where you have a whole group of people working towards a common purpose of serving their customers.

Every other big collaborative endeavor we do, which might be putting on a play or a show, putting on a piece of music, building a building, we have a notation for what it is you’re trying to do so that you can have everybody working off the same page.    It’s only business that we don’t do that.

Yet, we should.