Reach your customer's heart faster than a speeding bullet

The fastest way to reach your customer’s heart is through a metaphor.

A metaphor is a way of describing one thing in terms of another thing that is seemingly unconnected.

So by connecting these two seemingly unconnected things, you’re forcing the audience to use the creative side of their brain.    They’ll use their own experience to interpret that metaphor, and that means they’re engaged.

For example, you see the words, ‘LongCroft Luxury Cat Hotel.” You know exactly what you’re going to get.

The best metaphors capture an ongoing relationship. “Let us be Houston to your space mission” for example.

It’s clear how metaphors work for marketing, but the real power comes when you use them to design how your business will work.

A really strong metaphor acts like a kind of compass for the people inside the business. Whatever happens, whatever goes wrong, they always know which direction to go in.

That’s another metaphor, I know, but it works.

It could be as simple as making sure the job roles fit the metaphor.

For example, if you love teaching dancing, you could call yourself a host rather than a teacher, especially if your metaphor is, “You shall go to the ball.” For your customers, that metaphor means they’ll expect a completely different experience than they would if you called them just teacher.

And it’s not just for your customers.

If everyone in your business knows what their role is, they can play it with enthusiasm and flair. It won’t feel like work.

So what one accountancy firm might call a “client accounts manager”, my accountant, Blue Rocket, calls a “flight dynamics officer” because their job is to take information from me and feed it back to me so that I can adjust the trajectory my mission is going on.

A word of caution.   It has to be true.  Your metaphor has to come from who you are as a business, but when you get it right, you’ll find everything just flows.

Your business won’t need managing anymore because you won’t need to be there watching, making sure people do it right.    They’ll be able to get on with it without you.

We done?   I want to save the world.

Not like that.