What you do is brilliant!

You know what you do is brilliant, and you want more people to have it. But somehow you’re struggling to make that happen.

You started as a one-man band, or maybe as a group of mates playing the music you knew, jamming and practicing and adding in your own stuff, until you found a sound you knew the audience wanted.

Just like a business, where you spend the first few years just working out what the market really wants.

Now you’re at the stage where you have an audience who love what you do, so now you’re having to take people on, you don’t already know.  Now you’re playing your own instrument and being a conductor, and it’s getting exhausting.

You think fondly back to the days when it was just you, or just you and your mates having fun together. Should you give up? Should you sell? Is there anything to sell, if it’s all down to you?

You’re struggling because you’ve missed a step.

By now, you’re not playing other people’s tunes.

You’ve got your own music, great music that lots of people want to hear.   But it only really exists inside your head. If you got run over by the proverbial bus tomorrow, the music would just stop.

The answer, before you become a conductor, become a composer. Write your music down.

By writing your music down, you can have it playing simultaneously in venues all around the world, or sell recordings while you sleep.

Getting started is easy, it looks like this. If this is something you’d like to explore, then let’s meet for coffee. You can tell me how you’d like your band to really sound.

Not like that.