Recognised by small boys everywhere.

Posted by Kirsten Gibbs
Last updated 15th August 2022
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  • I'm pretty sure you'll recognise what type of plane this is.

    "It's a Spitfire!"  I hear you yell.

    Of course it is.

    But not the one that R. J. Mitchell is famous for.   The Spitfire picture here is a Mark XVI, a variant of an earlier variant, the Mark IX.

    You see, Mitchell created the Spitfire Promise of Value - a fast, high-performing plane that is easy to fly.

    After Mitchell's premature death in 1937, his colleagues continued to improve and build on Mitchell's original design, to produce better Spitfires, adapted to different tasks, eventually creating 24 different Marks.  All still fast, high-performing and easy to fly,  and each one clearly recognisable as a Spitfire to small boys everywhere, despite their differences.

    That's what happens when you decide to become a Disappearing Boss.   You may disappear, but your vision won't.

    In fact it might just get bigger.

    Recognised by small boys everywhere. Row 1 image
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