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Posted by Kirsten Gibbs
Last updated 8th March 2023
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  • The more people who know how to do what up to now only you could do, the better.

    So, once you've got your first section of Score written down, get the person who helped you to teach everyone else how to play it too.

    Then, once everyone is familiar with it, get them to take turns performing it for real.

    Collect their suggestions for improvement.   After  week or so, discuss them with your team, and apply only those that enhance your Promise of Value for the people your business serves.

    That might mean automating some piece of drudgery that enables the team to spend more time with clients.   It might mean un-automating something to make a client/team experience more human for both of them.

    Repeat until you have a section of your Customer Experience Score that truly lives up to your Promise and that anyone can run as well as or better than you.

    You don't have to do this alone.

    Once your team are running the business alongside you, it's time for them to own it alongside you too.

    Discipline makes Daring and Longevity possible.

    Ask me how.

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